Blog 8. Brainstorming possibilities for design response

By ji young Bang

During the semester, we have had a brainstorming session on feasible designs via live maps. Before the brain storming step, I intended to straighten up my thoughts by means of problem statement, 5W(who, what, where, when, why)


We are all among the main culprits of environmental pollution. Government (State, Federal and Local government) accounts for the largest part of it and organizations (profit and non-profit) no exception. Factory is the name of the game, packaging factories, food factories and industrial factories contained within. The greater part of my research involves Great Barrier Reef, a must-see, by local and foreign tourists. So Marin tourism are also included in as well. To our regret, we have been doing a huge disservice to the attractions of the earth, resulting in climate change effect.


According to my research, everyone concedes that environmental pollution is a vital issue but we won’t take time to figure for its prevention measures. The Australian government well knows how challenging it is. The authorities can impose carbon tax on citizen people or organisations but conditions are not ripe enough for various reasons. We are wont to choose the line of least resistance, while our generation is prevaricating, the next generation shall pay a heavy price. At all coasts, we should take drastic measures before it’s too late.


More problems occur while we make light of climate change. We lose no time in labouring for steps to curb overall catastrophe. Dragging out feat will leave the atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide within 30 years and people may be short-winded. There is no doubt that Great Barrier Reef will disappear form the face of the earth for good. Countermeasure is only a matter of doing.


Densely populated areas go with environmental problems. Among others, tourist attractions, packed cities and various plants are at the head. Anywhere people breathe air leads to pollutions.


The reason for handling the issue without delay is self-evident, considering the seriousness of the situation. Global warning and climate change cause by carbon dioxide increase brings danger lurking everywhere. As we do harm to Nature, so Nature deals with like for like – earthquake, Tsunami and ecosystem destruction. Of course we can’t resolve the grate work at a single stroke but we can set realistic goals and achieve them one step at a time. Under the pretense of bustling everyday existence, we resort to easy going ways, pretending to forget the principle of live-and-let-live. We should transmit a healthy environment to our after age. To do this, we need full commitment to the mission.


Potential resolutions summaries points

  1. We are all aware of the gravity of environmental pollution but we don’t take the trouble to solve it on the pretext of being busy or cumbersome.
  1. The government and we all without exception should devote our energies, remerging our having been ill prepared for an emergency.
  1. Trash will pile up anywhere people gather.
  1. A workable proposition is needed with due moral and we are called to draw up a draft design and devise a new plan.
  1. We can map out design idea for environmental improvement on the basis of commitment and morality through media.


Potential initial idea of design proposal

When we are one and all for the environmental movement, it will be ameliorated. We should a practical design with a clear sense of direction, letting nothing stand in the way of the economic and social development. Australia is a country of tourist attractions. In particular, Great Barrie Reef is on the forefront of the Unesco world heritage list. Still, with all sort of emissions surging, the coral reef is suffering. The more emissions come out, the more coral reefs meets with extinction. Food over-packaging and product packaging are all responsible for waste and trash. The only way we can to reduce waste is for us all to go right to the point and be actively involved in environment movement. We have tried to find some tips that can get us off to a running state. One of them is that we all, nobody excepted, should be role models and lead by example. To make special mention, the program focuses on the youth aged 18 to 24 through social media (Social Media Examples: Twitter, Face book, Snap chat and Instargram). They take a more proactive approach to stem environmental pollution and come up with systematic measures.

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