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  • Despite the amount of spam, the most commonly used platform for Twitter is iPhone because it is the most convenient in any context as an interface.
  • The hashtags in total connote the  people tweeting are tenfolds more physical/material people than those who spoke about their mental health.
  • Language is taken as assertions and interesting to evoke voices these users depict themselves as they interpret this hashtag (particularly in a space of 140 characters)
    “Red wine #IFeelGreat”
    “Going to run sunbanks on my day off. This time last year I was a nobody in my mind. Change your mindset #ifeelgreat”
    “Start to generate your financial freedom #IFeelGreat”
  • There seems to be a fair and equal ratio of male:female on Twitter through these hashtags that explore their emotions and wellbeing
  • Language on digital interfaces is hard to portray and can be opened to many interpretations. Thus, is text in social media the most prevalent tool in communicating? I think a sensory ascension that includes a whole user immersive experience will definitely be memorable



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