Blog Post 9 / Visual Documentation

As mentioned in my previous blog post (8), I brainstormed the ideas in a group of two which had its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages was apparent from the start, as we were able to discuss similarities between our two issues whilst forming our problem statements. And before the mapping and problem statement processes began, due to the nature of the group being small, we were able to properly introduce our problems and go into detail on why we have chosen the issue. This gave context to our chosen issues which made it much easier to understand and propose ideas in the later exercises.

For the idea/solution proposition brainstorming exercise, for my particular issue, we identified two categories that would be most effective – data visualization and service design. As previously mentioned, by introducing our problem in-depth earlier, it was possible for us to quickly come to this conclusion. There were many benefits to having a group that was half the size of the regular groups, such as having more time to go in depth about each issue, elaborating and branching out more on brainstormed ideas and having discussion on where the ideas could potentially go next. As seen in the map, each idea would go into detail and branch off into potential solutions, this was an advantage of a small group, however, in comparison to other groups, the amount of ideas generated are limited. This was the main disadvantage of working in a small group throughout the exercises. As such, we focused on quality, plausibility and comprehensiveness of ideas, rather than quantity of ideas.

The mapping of my chosen issue by brainstorming solutions in each category and also as well as mapping a stakeholders map