Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

By Patricia Roxas

The collaborative brainstorming session that I did during Week 6 was an interesting and intense process as we were required to list as many design solutions for each other’s problem statement in the span of 15 minutes for each person.


The images above shows a range of design solutions that my group came up with in response to my initial problem statement (Men don’t care about the pay gap because they feel that is their issue and it affects them). While some solutions were certainly relevant to my problem statement, others were quite rough and meaningless. The strength in writing any idea that came in to mind was that it fostered a positive group environment in which everyone felt free of judgement. It also allowed us to gain fresh ideas from other students which could possibly be built upon. However, one of the weaknesses that I discovered from the brainstorming session is the lack of scope from the design solutions as they are all associated to data visualisation. Most of the times, my group members and I would become stuck in thinking of solutions related to service design and generative design. Reflecting back on this, I think I had difficulty because I did not have a good understanding of these areas at the time. Thus, I learnt that I needed to be more prepared in order to make the most out of the class exercises.

After the brainstorming session, I felt very overwhelmed and still uncertain about my problem statement and design solutions. I decided to research about the emergent practice options and examples in order to clear my understanding and gain some inspiration. I refined my problem statement and did another brainstorming session individually. The results are detailed below:


The brainstorming session that I did individually proved to be more productive. Since I was alone, I was more focused and didn’t have to worry about what other people were writing. Thus, I was able to generate more diverse and creative design solutions.

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