Blog 9

Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

Week sixes brain mapping class was a good exercise to help refine each group members target audience, for online privacy is a broad subject that effects every person that has a smart device or is connected to a computer, however the individual issues and concern for each group are varied. My focus was on the specific creative parts of the community, those who rely on their design skills and creative aptitude to develop content are the ones who are vulnerable to data theft, designs, projects and ideas are intellectual property that can be stolen or manipulated into a end product at the consumer level for cheap because businesses dont want to pay.


The image above is two of my final problem statements, the first being to do with intellectual property theft, and the second is due to personal data theft. The three other ideas on the page were potential problems that could be turned into statements, however this process is on going and a few elements from each problem may cross over to my chosen one so no potential problem has been removed yet.


The second map is a greater breakdown of my chosen problem statement, this map has some important insights into the motivations behind the human stakeholders of my issue. Considering the nature of copyright and its prevalence in the design community, most map elements are related to the individuals.


The third map is a potential proposal based on the class exercise findings, each proposal has a critical function that can effect the way that we approach intellectual and digital property in an online environment, with copyright infringement and data theft being a rampant part of the world, it is important for individuals to protect their information using sophisticated and efficient technologies.

IMG_0228 The final image above is a compilation of my original problems that are associated with my specific issue, they have no Target demographic and no particular correlation to the chosen design proposal that I have expanded on in blog 8, however they are themselves very critical issues into exploring the nature of online privacy and to understanding the complexities of how data security can have an impact on Modern Day life.

One of the benefits of collaborating on group exercises is, we had the benefit of having someone outside our issue giving us Insights on how to pursue what they would consider important, when you spend weeks researching on particular topics you develop a personal bias towards what you would consider a legitimate source of research. Having multiple perspectives is what guided me towards my problem statement, and now i have the foundations to build on other particular ares of privacy interest. Each one of my previous potential problems was vetted b the group and they each felt like they all had interesting elements to them but as far as data visualisation and generative systems,  the copyright and data theft issue was one that held the most potential.