9: Brainstorming Visualisation

Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session
Angela Tam

As stated briefly in my previous post, I felt like this class helped me gain more understanding as to where this project is going as it had a stronger focus on the direction of our designs in accordance to this issue. Below is the visualisation of the 5 W’s that we collaborated on to come up with our problem statements:


The pros of this exercise was the collaborative element—as a few of the points would not have been ones that I would think of as efficiently. The framing of the who/what/when/why/where questions assisted in our own understanding of the housing issue and the enormity of it. In creation of useful and impactful designs, it is important to pin point specific areas in which to aim the design. This exercise began to visualise this and therefore it was quite helpful in that sense. Another strength is that the group dynamic allows for energy and humour which then creates more creative ideas that I may not have thought of brainstorming alone.

I think that there has been a general confusion around the design process thus far, as usually we would be finding a particular, small issue or problem then basing our research around that—however this project has us approaching research in the opposite manner. Due to this vague understanding of the process, I think that we have still kept the issue quite broad and so there is a bit more difficulty in coming up with design solutions straight away. Currently I am still unsure of what the design intervention will be and so for my own understanding of where I want to take this project, I spent some time documenting possible solutions based on the problem statements that interested me. The mindmaps below explore ideas towards the concepts/problems surrounding the lack of conversation around housing issues, the evolving understanding of the Australian Dream and innovative housing. I hope that after this and the next classes, a clear design solution will emerge. IMG_4778.JPG

IMG_4779 copy.jpgIMG_4780.JPG