POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


This group mapping activity helped me gauge an idea of what it was that I wanted to propose a design solution for. It also gave me a better understanding about task three as I had felt very in the dark about it. I enjoy group mapping exercises as I feel like having a group of people work together to think of a solution is better than just doing it individually. I also love hearing different people’s opinions and ideas.

We firstly wrote down our problem statements, which I found extremely difficult. I had so many areas of gender equality that I was interested in that I just wasn’t sure where to start. Since I looked at the pay gap in my previous blog post and this was fresh in my mind I decided to focus on this. After a while of thinking and a lot of scribbling in my notebook, my problem statement read: “The gender pay gap has been an issue in the workforce for decades. It affects both male and females and can be the difference between a happy workplace and an unfair workplace. Having equal pay would lead to a more successful business as well as less strain on particular members of the household to earn money” It was still extremely broad, and my tutor thought it would be a good idea to make it as specific as I could so that I could create a very specific design proposal.

We then took our statements, tried to make them a little less broad and try to find a design solution for them. We had 15 minutes to discuss with our group possible ways we could go about this. I felt like I needed more time as I was still trying to refine my own problem statement as well as try to think of a solution to it. We were meant to come up with five problems but with the lack of time, I really only had one statement. I decided to go home and think about my proposal more because I felt very overwhelmed in class.

Overall the experience was helpful and provided me with a great amount of insight for task three. As a group, we were able to provide each other with different perspectives and opinions about our issues. It was so useful to be able to talk and discuss this issue with people in my group who had done different sorts of research to what I had done and were able to provide me with new found knowledge of my issue.