Post 9: Group brainstorming

Here I outline the strengths and weaknesses of the group brainstorming session that we undertook to provide fresh insight into different topics within the refugee crisis issue and begin to brainstorm potential design outcomes and responses to this research.


  • The group brainstorming process created a lot more clarity around each focus topic and extended their potential into broader, interlinking issues
Example of one brainstorm topic and how we begun breaking down the concept and interlinking ideas.
  • It broadened our outlook, provided more options to pursue and confirmed ideas and analysis’ and insights I found about the issue in my own research
This focus area was proposed by both myself and another group member, further confirming my findings towards its legitimacy as an issue.


  • The process was rather slow to take off and it proved difficult to identify steps to progress the brainstorming session
  • It didn’t allow a great amount of individual processing time pre-class, which restricted our ability to think up possible design solutions on the spot and thus we had little foundation to inspire an insightful brainstorm about potential outcomes of our project.
We allocated ten minutes to individual brainstorming of design propositions. I found this was not enough time to flesh out ideas, and thus failed to maximise the benefits of a group brainstorming environment.
  • It, again, felt like more of an expansive task on the refugee issues as opposed to one that helped figure out strategies to narrow down our focus areas into possible solutions
  • Furthermore as a group we were unable to delve deeper into some of the concepts due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the particular focus. For instance, only few of us knew enough about the international situation to delve into that area of discussion.
This mind map demonstrates how we failed to really uncover prominent insights into this focus area due to a lack of combined group knowledge.

Ultimately with a bit more notice and preparation for class, this process could have been very effective, however in this case it only provided a very basic foundation to any further design idea development.


by Brittany Thiel 12020549

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