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POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


The previous post was a basic framework to our collaborative brainstorming session as a group, by mapping the 5 W’s it has helped me gain more of an understanding to where I want my project to focus on. Below is the collaborative mapping to help us start off with our problem statement:


As a group we have come up with a very general problem statement that defines what we are interested in looking into within the issue. Although this problem statement needs more refining this was a great start in helping us with the process of documentation.

In 21st century, Australia’s Generation Y is experiencing difficulties when it comes to buying their first home. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world and because of the high cost of living, paired with the younger generation’s low to medium starting income, this creates unfair opportunities for them in a housing market dominated by older, richer generations and property investors. The lack of collaborative government support in affordable housing, and a surplus of unsuitable property supply, resulting in a rapid disappearing model of the Australian Dream.


Collaborative mapping helps starts a small discussing between my group, while we explored key issues within the 5 W’s. By framing the who/ what/ when/ where/ why, lets us break down each individual category to our own understanding of the topic. It helps us see the general idea of how the issue is being addressed for further research for our design proposal. It is also a great way to help us find a focus point and look into that specific area within the issue.


By individually answering the 5 W’s, and then coming back together as a group to redo a mapping with the 5 W’s seemed somewhat useless, since we all had very similar outcomes. I was still very confused to where this mapping is taking me and how it can relate to my future design proposal. Since I have a very vague idea of what we have to design, I would take another good look at the 5 possible statement (Post 8) and brainstorm more ideas to help me generate a better design proposition.

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