Post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response


Gia Vy Truong

1.Who does the problem effect?
The main stakeholder and actor for this problem are people who are following the plant based diet and people who want to become one.

2. What boundaries of the problem?
The boundaries for this problem are society is still not very open about vegetarianism due to the old stereotypes/habit of eating meat. Also, there are limited trustworthy resources that help people to educate themselves, as well as less social media platforms that promote vegetarianism. And through my research, I discovered that eating meat is more convenience and easier to shop compare to shop for vegetarian meals. This is big boundary because a lot of people are still thinking this way due to their limited knowledge of the vegetarian diet, therefore in order to solve this, I have to think of a  design solution to educate people to shop vegetarian and teach them what are the most effective way to eat.

3.When the problem occur?
The problem occurs from a long time ago when the human eats meat and kills animals to survive, or to show their social status. However, when the planet has become global warming, human started to become more aware of the environment and choose to become a vegetarian. On the other hand, becoming a vegetarian still not very acceptable in society nowadays.

4.Where does the problem occur?
The problem can occur anywhere, when you are not eating and attend parties, it could separate the person from their social groups. However, in Asian countries there are religions that promote vegetarianism, therefore, this problem may not occur there.

5.Why is this issue is important?
According to my research and survey, my friends said that healthy food packaging is not engaging enough compare to non-vegetarian packaging and sometimes it can be confusing. This problem is important because it decreases the sale consumption of vegetarian food and people will think vegetarian food are not interesting to eat or cook.

For my design proposal, I wanted to create something that can help vegetarianism become more friendly, accessible and convenience for people that have the misunderstood and wanted to start on this plant based diet. It can be a handbook, an organisation, a service. Below are some ideas that I have:

+ Generative design: A community where people have the chance to share what they eat and educate others about vegetarianism. There will be an event holds every Sunday where every share their home cook vegetarian meals, workshops about nutrition facts that are educational and the speakers are scientists and nutritionists. Also cooking shows that demonstrated live to show how easy vegetarian cooking is.

+ Service design: Goes along with the generative design idea, for service design I can create an app or website for that organisation/community and use these platforms to promote vegetarianism by educating people through short videos, nutrition facts such as which fruit or vegetables contain vitamin C and how to pair the food to create a full of nutritious meal according to your mood (happy, sad, angry, etc). For this project, I need to do research on what types of food that can change a person mood (eg: Coffee wakes you up, and chocolate make you feel happy).

+ Data visualisation: By using data to visually educate people how nutrition works, what types of vitamin you can find in which vegetables. This idea can create a map that the audience can follow so it’s easier for them to cook and consume the nutrition that they need (using colours and icon). In order to do this, I need to research more on nutrition.

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