Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

In our brainstorming session, my group and I’s ideas were all leaning towards concepts relating to bringing awareness to the issue. The propositions were all acting as different service designs, and many ideas were based on promoting paternity leave with a campaign driven by an organisation. It seemed like the natural response to the issue was to give attention and support to upcoming fathers, who perhaps wouldn’t even explore the possibilities of taking paternity leave for a substantial amount of time. I developed upon our ideas and identified a few possible responses:

Identified possibilities

  • Promotion Packages – Information sent out to employers and companies with information for up-coming fathers, benefits of fathers spending time with new their young children and benefits for the workplace (loyalty, equality etc.)
  • Community – Fathers with newborn children, connecting other fathers in similar situations, meetings, events etc. Mobile application.
  • Rewards system for employers – Financial support for proud parenting when companies develop an equal parental leave scheme. Work flexibility and insurance for fathers with small children.
  • Paternity recruitment – Fathers on paternity leave become ambassadors who mentors and acts as support for other fathers.
  • Daddy Showers – Awareness organisation which works with companies who supports paternity leave, hosts ‘Daddy Shower’ events at companies and public places promoting the benefits of paternity leave and also brings awareness to the lack of fathers pursuing a care taker role in children’s early years.


Draft Proposal – Daddy Shower

Considering these concept possibilities, and the fact that the overall intention of the program is to change mass behaviour in society the proposal that is most likely to succeed is the one that can generate the most awareness most quickly. For this reason the proposal that I will draft on will be the daddy showers idea.

The idea of Daddy Showering is to bring attention to upcoming or existing fathers, and the importance of their role as a care taker in their child’s early life. The ‘Daddy Shower’ will identify as a service design and will be working in collaboration together with progressive employers who would like to achieve gender equity in their work place. Sponsored by volunteering companies and employers, the service organises hosted events where information and awareness about the cause is apprised and communicated to the public. The events will be held in an open or public place, for example a park or open city square, and will provide a casual, friendly venue where discussion about the subject is positively encouraged. The immediate targeted audience will of course be men who are expecting a child in the near future, but the intended goal is to spread the image of men on paternity leave and normalise the term concept.


By Camilla Ahlström
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