Post 9: The brainstorming process

Caitlin Kerr
These are the original problem that our group discussed as the main areas we are focuses on within our issue of asylum seekers. As we have all been researching this task for a long time we all have specific directions we have focused in on. Although we where able to still inform each other as our research started broad and have a sound knowledge of the topic.
This was the original brainstorming page where we discussed the main directions that our task three could take. Within this brainstorming we focused on the problem areas we had highlighted in the first image as the areas we where most interested in pursuing. I feel with the use of more people or people not so closely linked to this topic could give us more perspective and unusual ideas to play with as we all where quit focused on specific sub-issues to do with the topic limiting ourselves. As it worked well everyone using there own knowledge to piggyback off each other with the use of more people I think our brainstorming could have been more diverse  with a few more different ideas.
This was the idea I was most interested in perusing for task three. I want to focus on creating a twitter bot that respond to misconceptions that feed the rumour mill. This brainstorming session was extremely successful as my group provided me with missing information. With my twitter bot idea Erland was able to guide me to research that has been conducted in the UK around misconception called “Don’t feed the rumour mill”. This research has been very insightful in filling gaps in my knowledge around misinformation that have led people to be misinformed.
I was able to play around with Jannie with brainstorming ways of using colour to explore mental health of asylum seekers.
Overall this task helped us to strengthen and develop our initial ideas. Figure potential problems we may not have considered and strength our ideas with sharing each others individual knowledge. We could also give critical feedback about what is and isn’t working with each idea.
Overall our group work very well together and each bring an extensive knowledge of the topic to the table in a way that can supplement each other through the brainstorming process. Our overall discussion our the brainstorming revealed great insight into our focuses and the pros and cons of our ideas, analysed in a critical manner.
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