Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

The week 6 studio was pretty intense compared to others. It was a really great time to gain a lot of knowledge and it also helped me understand the brief of the subject a little bit more as well. It was a very great experience to gain from the exercise we collaboratively did in the group, especially the 5W (WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY).

IMG_1911.JPGBy doing this exercise, it helped me finding my focusing issue and framing my proposition well. I can see how this mapping exercise has fallen into one piece which is amazing. We got to talk and listen to each other proposition whether it is a good direction we should aim. Everyone’s opinion was very good. We got to brainstorm on each other proposition and find a design solution to propose. Everyone was giving their best ideas and write it down the paper and it was very interesting to see other’s opinion. Collaboratively, we have brainstormed quite strong ideas.

IMG_1912.JPGOn the other hand, due to our number of group members, there were a bit short of time which holds us back from getting out ideas and expanse it in detail. Moreover, our situation on LGBTIQ is quite a complicated issue to solve. We were kind of just getting everything on the paper even if it is not even possible in real time. There were quite a lot of issues raised during the brainstorming as well. One the issue was about the same-sex marriage and how they will live without kids of their own. That is a very important issue for me to look at as well since I am the only one who focusing on same-sex marriage. We were also a little bit confused at the same time since the lack of time and also the misunderstanding of the brief. There was a problem with one of the group members which is about the safe-school program and we were stuck and could not really give her anything she really wanted.

I think the exercise was pretty advantage me but it has its negative as well. However, it was a very great experience and I got a better understanding of the subject brief as well.

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