Post 9: The BTS of a Design Proposal

By: Jannie Mach

A map of each group members innovative thinking.

It’s a start. The beginning of the session my group actually have not thoroughly investigated on what their proposal will involve around. Each member is interested in different segments in Asylum Seekers and Refugees meaning Mental Health, Unsettlement, Attitudes/ Perceptions and more, which is quite an insight to see how the group adapt later on.

The approach of collaboration—I get to see the members concepts and being able to suggest critical feedback on what’s working or not. It’s good to notice the group ambition of working on a prototype that will be different and unique due to the fact we didn’t want to do what’s already out there like a standard of data visualisation about arrivals of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

We had some abnormal concepts that are powerful and active like a ‘Uber Taxi,’ which grant permission for people licensed with boats being able to take Asylum Seekers/Refugees somehow. We suggest a lot of creative ideas and based on that we didn’t know on the impression to ‘make it possible.’ For example, with the Uber Taxi- the need to research and find particular resources in relation to the concept is far-fetched. And so we struggled and seek other alternatives and narrow our information to make it work for reliable users.

Moreover, we were completely limited with possible outcomes for our design proposal and understand that we need to learn new skills to make it work such as software and analysing data or statistics from a wide range in the small amount of time. I feel like the session hasn’t been able to offer much to the group because we were stuck in the middle of trying to push our ideas further and development like taking an extra leap and not being able to see the ‘dos’ and ‘how.’

Overall, we voiced on one another and find a way to extend our concepts more. As designers, we negotiate these spaces and the choices we make are ultimately political response. I was able to see the group initial concepts and I can’t wait to see how they’ll find a way to express the importance of the issue through with a striking design.

Notes: We came to realised the urgency to expand our research to be able to collect data so we’re at the stage to refine and elaborate our concepts in relation to the problems/statement of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.