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The process of a group analysis of all of our research development and strategies both individually and as a group, was a useful tool to see how well our individual studies were progressing. It was also an easy way to measure what possibilities we thought would be most useful for general anxiety disorders, as well as more specific issues such as Rural depression in farmers. We concluded that the proposed strategy would have to be a technology that all could access, that was free, or financially accessible and that connected people to one another so that people could hopefully find likeminded people to discuss their commonalities with. We all felt like a phone application would be useful and a non invasive method of connecting people. There could be a community section as well as updates information. What the app would be, wasn’t entirely decided on yet, but we did agree that it would provide comfort for people who were feeling lonely, disjointed from the world and who needed a way to feel better almost immediately. Methods of meditation, or games for distraction could be a possibility too. Ways of opening people up to their issues, in a comforting and safe way, that was therapeutic and not just a disturbance to their daily lives. 

Later on I reflected on the group work that was done in class and tried to create a more specific solution for my researched topic of panic attacks and Adult separation anxiety disorders. I feel as though there are forums and online resources for people, as well as therapists, community groups and a wide variety of resources that may help long term. However, there are limited resources for people who are in crisis point. For those people who go to university and unexpectedly have a panic attack and lose control of themselves. Therefore, my proposition will be a service that assists people in the moment. I am thinking that the service will be a phone application that allows you to very simply rate your anxiety from 1-10 and whatever you pick, will then redirect you to options. The app will have a data base so that if used daily, alternative responses will be given. If you select that your anxiety is quite low, but present, you may be given simple breathing techniques, meditations or even fun distractions like games. IF you select a higher number, such as 9, you will be be given a more specific meditation, the ability to call a helpline or next of kin, or more helpful resources to calm you down in the moment. Afterwards, you will re rate your anxiety. The concept is simple, the design will be specific, but the main aim of the application will be to assist people in the moment and allow them to continue their day, and simply “survive” the attack.

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