9_Brainstorming is a brewing

The Five W’S

Who does the problem affect?
What are the boundaries of the issue?
When does it occur?
Where does the problem occur?
Why is this issue important?

What is the next step? Brainstorming of course!

After we had created our statement for each other we needed to come up with a brainstorm on possibilities of how this can manifest itself. What would be the best way to enable and empower people to be proactive in their own mental wellbeing? Possible outcomes were mindfulness/meditation apps, motivation diaries, self-help apps, happiness graphs. None felt solid enough to me and they all still needed some work to push the ideas further.

Proactive self-help brainstorming


The following brainstorm was for, “The disconnect experienced by patients affected by mental health issues in communication and interactions with health professionals.”  We brainstormed with Lauren about finding ways to create a language that people can make with their health care professional to simplify how they communication. This would create a more comfortable relationship between patient and doctor, so that it is easier to come to the solution more clearly rather then a possibility of a misdiagnose coming about because of miss communication. This helped me explore myself in what language I can create when communicating to people when asking about, how they describe stress when they are inputting their data.


img_6910The disconnect experienced by patients affected by mental health issues in communication and interactions with health professionals.

Following that brainstorm was one on the problem ownership and control of our state of mind. We tried to as a group come up with as many different ways which this can be represented as a service, experimental or generative design. This was a result of no having a clear idea of what direction the person wanted to go in for their design, I think was because they were confused with the task. We tried our best help out in the best way we understood.

img_6911Ownership and control of our state of mind.


Brainstorming is a very handy tool to use for designing, I do however think you need to have clear idea of what you’re brainstorming, what you aim to achieve and how long you’re going to brainstorm for. This type of mapping was very helpful for me to narrow down what I want to get out of my design proposal. I do think for myself it would have been helpful to know in which direction we were heading because I’m a big picture person and I sometimes struggled with trusting the process of do little bits every week. I really enjoyed the group think tank exercises as we were able to pool our combined knowledge together to try and get the best outcome. Another final note is I found the resource that Chris provided (http://www.designkit.org/) to be invaluable as I will be able to use this in future project, I just wish I had it earlier on in the project.

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