8_The idea is finally here!

All of research, mind mapping, brainstorming and more mapping from the pass weeks has lead us to this what can we design to fulfill a need within the issue of mental health. After all the weeks of racking our brains for what “mental health” means? to actually finally coming up with a solution to a problem creating possible design responses to our specific issue. We weren’t in the clear yet, as we had two more mapping exercise to do.


The Five W’S

This exercise was difficult to narrow down the first time I did it, but then Chris came and helped walk us through how we should approach the problem with a easier way to narrow it down to a very specific need within a situation. The aim of this exercise was to create one clear statement we can use to explain what we were targeting with out design solution.

Who does the problem affect?

  • This problem affects people with chronic stress
  • Time poor
  • lack of awareness
  • Bad time management
  • Poor SES
  • high achievers
  • Perfectionists

What are the boundaries of the issue?

  • Mental health awareness to stay healthy & active
  • Not a physical ailment per say, but more of a stressed individual.

When does it occur?

  • Prolong periods of stress
  • High cortisol levels
  • Over worked
  • Over thinking
  • Fearful

Where does the problem occur? 

  • Busy working individuals who don’t have time to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

Why is this issue important?

  • Affects all individuals
  • It is a part of our biology & we can take the time to change by maintaining ourselves.

What is the problem?

After discussing it with my group we were able to distill my focus to:

The reality of what stress that our bodies/and mind receive without us realising in our everyday life and how we can combat it with mindfulness. 

This one statement seemed to filter through what I was looking for in my research and what I was attracted to the most without me realising it on a conscious level.

What is the next step?

After we had created our statement for each other we needed to come up with a brainstorm on possibilities of how this can manifest itself. What would be the best way to enable and empower people to be proactive in their own mental wellbeing? Possible outcomes were mindfulness/meditation apps, motivation diaries, self-help apps, happiness graphs. None felt solid enough to me and they all still needed some work to push the ideas further.

Proactive self-help brainstorming

Potential design responses for my proposal.

  1. How to combat stress with mindfulness so that our bodies/and mind are care for to perform when we most need them
  2. Use the data gathered by the application to learn more about users and the human body of how stress interacts with the body 
  3. Create a understanding of how stress affects the body and how the body is stressed from outside factors
  4. Improve the way people see and interact with stress in daily activities.
  5. Create a sustained lifestyle for a user to be able to be happy and health in their life.



From the five points for my potential design it is clear that my designs were centred around, “Stress’s affect on our bodies/mind and how we can mindful of it.”  This made a lot of sense as my research had a major focus on what you can do with your mental health to improve it as well as how mental health had a effect on the body.

I propose to create a service design for the proactive user who want to help or improve their stress levels from everyday life. Creating a awareness and mindfulness of their body so they can take care of it better. This will put the tools and empower the user that their stress and how they feel will be in their control rather then something that they can’t control. The service will also have help inbuilt so that whenever the user is feeling lost it can help them work through their problems or issues. Data will be taken from the user to be analysed to find patterns that may be occurring that the user is unaware of and will further feedback into the system so future predictions and strategies can be made for the user. The service will help users feel more in control of their life’s through a understanding of what is happening to them and their bodies so they can be proactive. This service should fulfill the need that modern life has created in helping us keep track of how our body is faring in our busy lives so we have has little down time as possible.