Post 7: Issue Mapping

Kathy Ngo

Since the week 3, I have been collaborating with other 4 members in the group to expose our thoughts, insights and diverse perspectives and in order to develop further my understanding on the LGBTIQ rights topic.

On week 3, we came up with 100 words relevant to the topic within a very short amount of time. This exercise helped us expose the topic in various perspectives. After that, we went around the class to vote other groups’ best words related to the issue. It was very interesting to see others’ understanding of this issue whose didn’t know or research about the LGBT issue.

Our 100 words
Most voted words out of 100.

This exercise has helped me a lot for blog 6: scraping the web as I had a great source of words to collect relevant data from Twitter and analyse the result.

Map 1: Actors and Stakeholders


Following by was mapping actors and stakeholders exercise in week 5. These were designed to help us develop further the related human and non-human actors and stakeholders as well as the controversies between.

Map 2: Polemic: Controversies, Emotions and Motivations


Map 3: Polemic: Supporting LGBTIQ rights Vs Only Heterosexuals are normal


Map 4: Locations of the controversy




By collaborating with our group members, I have had a clearer understanding of this problem and the importance of its stakeholders in helping change the issue. It was very interesting to notice that other members have also paid attention to the Safe Schools Program. Until now, all the exercises I have taken are making more sense for me.

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