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In this week’s class, we were asked to respond to the questions of who, what, when, where and how in the issues we have been closely researching and understanding. The issue that I have been closely looking into was the effects of promoting plus size models and with the understanding I have built past many weeks, I have responded to the questions as the following.


who does the problem affect? 

Promoting plus size models may affect any female or male in any age group who watches TV, reads magazines, uses social media or has other ways of being exposed to the models. Promoting plus size models may have greater chance of effecting those who are overweight, obese or have body consciousness because it plus size models could become their role model. They may gain self confidence and body positivity which is great but it will not be great to be diagnosed with illness caused by obesity.

Parents may be a great influence and have affect on their children with the food choice they buy and make for them if they themselves are influenced by the models. Furthermore, there may be an increase in sales for food industries, especially unhealthy or fast food companies as more and more consumers are exposed to the plus sized models and have shifted thoughts of a standard healthy body. Gradually, If the number of people who are affected increase, then doctors and health experts may also be affected too in the increase in number of patients.

what are the boundaries of the problem?

Some people might not know how much promoting plus size models can have great affect on encouraging and normalising obesity. Also, not having plus size models can be discriminating body size and become an issue.

when does the problem occur? what does it need to be freed?

Being exposed to the promotion of plus size models can occur any time when watching tv, reading a magazine, on social media or through an advertisement on the streets. When a person is affected by the plus size models, and it becomes their inspiration or something that gives them self comfort, they might not feel the guilt of intaking more food than you need. And if they don’t get enough exercise required to burn the calories of the food eaten repeatedly for weeks, then the fat will continuously start to build. To be freed, people need to know more of the risk factors and that it is not something to be ignorant about because anyone can be at risk.


If someone is exposed to plus size models in any way, being inspired can happen anywhere such as at home or out on the streets.

why is it important?

plus size models are great to visualise the fit of the plus size clothing, and may give body positivity to one increasing one’s self esteem but it could be considered as encouraging obesity and will slowly start to normalise obesity. If the increasing number of plus size models affect the increase in the number of obese people in the world, it will also increase the number of people diagnosed with symptoms caused by obesity.

Five point summary

  • Obesity not only affects your health and body image but also influences the people and industries around you.
  • promoting plus size models can be seen good because it also has positive sides to it. For example, it will increase one’s self esteem and give them body positivity.
  • Although promoting plus size models can be seen as good, the health risks are always a danger and an issue.
  • We don’t want to discriminate plus sizes so we are aware that promoting plus size models are needed.
  • It only takes a second for someone to be inspired by something so being exposed to plus size models can influence someone’s life quickly.

Design statement

To create a design that educates people of the risks caused by obesity.

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