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This blog ask us to upload visual documentation of the group session. Use annotations to describe some of the strengths/weaknesses of the process. During the class of week 6, we worked as four and brainstorming possibilities in our issues group. In addition, we identify five possible ways that we could make a difference/contribute to change to the apprehension of the asylum seeker and refugee issue.



The method of working is very clarify and interesting, we accord to “who, who, where, when, why” these five words to analyze the aspect we are focused on. At the first, we had some confused in the “what” part, we do not know specifically what to write. Afterwards, through discussion with our group, and with the help of a tutor, the efficiency of our work is very good and fluent, and complete the mapping produced as soon as possible.



For example, the WHO is women and children on Nauru; WHAT is living condition, sexually abused, mental health; WHEN is 2013-2016; WHERE is Nauru; WHY is inhumane, affects mental health.


w1副本 2.jpg

Then, we will put these five points into one short paragraph as our issue statement. Statement allows us have a more intuitive understanding of our problems and to make information more organized. For example, my five points are talking about the Work opportunity for refugees over 18. Consequently, I organized these information and classified them as a statement:

“Many young refugees who aged over 18 years, mainly from European countries. After they arrived in Australia, they face the problem of finding a job difficultly, and sometimes face to discrimination. This problem is not only happening currently, from a long time ago, about the time in 2012, this phenomenon has been very common, especially in the cities near the work area. The reason for this phenomenon is because local people do not understand the refugees, the knowledge of refugees lacked, and there are some psychological conflict from local people. They always think they will have a negative impact, such as crime.”



This mapping image above is my whole group works, everyone in my group has put their own ideas on this paper. Besides that, after our discussion, we elect the advantages and disadvantages of each problem, analyze the pros and cons, and then write a brief proposal. But there are also a lot of parts of knowledge are not comprehensive enough, it needs more research. For the next few weeks, we will improve and perfect our stuff and add more visual graphic things inside for better understanding.




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