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This blog require us reflect on the process Individually. Include a five-point summary of what I have identified as possibilities. Reflect and direct the findings from the brainstorming session. Draft a proposal based on one of the five points identified above. Upload a minimum of 200 words.


During today’s class, a group of four and everyone chooses their own point that focus on the issue of refugees by mapping method. In addition, we use method of “who, what, where, when, why”, to divided our knowledge into five parts, and then connect them together to form a statement. Besides that, we according to the discuss, share the inspirations, so that we can get more information and ideas.

1, Work opportunity for refugees over 18

Many young refugees who aged over 18 years, mainly from European countries. After they arrived in Australia, they face the problem of finding a job difficultly, and sometimes face to discrimination. This problem is not only happening currently, from a long time ago, about the time in 2012, this phenomenon has been very common, especially in the cities near the work area. The reason for this phenomenon is because local people do not understand the refugees, the knowledge of refugees lacked, and there are some psychological conflict from local people. They always think they will have a negative impact, such as crime.

2, The role of social media to refugees

The social media in today’s society is an indispensable part, in many countries which receiving refugees, many local residents are rejection of refugees. This is because they are lacking of knowledge about who is refugee, and why they are coming here. This phenomenon is not only happening now, when the first wave of immigration of refugees happening, it has already started to happen. And it also occurred in the range of whole world.

3, The refugee rights of women and children

There are many refugee of women and children, some of them who are suffering from gender discrimination, and there is also problem like no equality of human rights. In Sydney, Australia also has this problem occurs, especially a few years ago. This is because the people do not have the understanding for the refugees, or do not have positive knowledge about them. So for women and children, local people always keeping a distance, and a sense of alert.

4, About the education for refugee children

Many of the refugee children come to the new country resettlement areas, they do not get a good education. Besides that, there is no good hardware conditions allow them to get a good education. Especially in refugee resettlement areas of some European countries, because the government has not quickly realize the education is essential for these kids. From 2012 to 2016, the education rights of refugee children’s in many countries has been the efforts direction from organization and government.

5, The living conditions of refugees

In many countries, such as some European countries, they prepare solation zone area for the refugees living, but many of the living conditions like the camp area are not good enough. For example, it do not have good medical care, good quality drinking water, adequate supply of daily necessities, etc. From 2010 to the present, because there are really too many refugees in the world, despite many government and non-governmental organizations provide assistance, but the  power is still limited, there are many aspects of the drawbacks.



In order to solve these problems, and for getting a better solution. Firstly, I think the Government should play their rights, so that more people will understand the status of refugees. In addition, through publicity of the social media, to let people know there are many people in the world who need our help, these people include women, children, and the elderly. They face many negative aspects such as poor living conditions, poor education, poor living conditions and so on. We hope that through propaganda by government and media, so that more people can be aware of these issues and inspire them sympathy.

Secondly, education really needs to be put in the first place. As we all know,  children is the builder of society for the future, especially for refugee children, education can change their life in future, so that they and their families can have a better life. Therefore, the government should add more funding in education aspect, but also need to call on the organization from all society to help build education foundation, even attract more volunteers.

All in all, the solution of the refugee problem still have many shortcomings until now, but with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, the situation has become better and better.


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