POST 8 Brainstorming Online Privacy (Copyright)

Online Attitude & Copyright


Online privacy contains broad and unlimited issues. Since the creation of social media platforms, cases of online identification and privacy plays have been unaccountably increased. Recently, the victims of data leakage (whether it is personal or a group’s) have randomly treated and people are losing the true purpose and usage of social networking. Although there are various suggestions, warnings and ways to change our attitude that can prevent our-selves from being played by the human rights and copyrights in online, people tend to easily ignore the issues until they faced the problem on their hands. Through the proposal of my service design, I wish to deliver the message and simple ways to avoid such human rights & copyright issues. Therefore, this may help to increase the self-awareness that could prevent individuals from being randomly targeted and their identifications being plagiarized on online.

Who: Minor targets such as from teenagers to young adults. People of young ages are the easiest target and mostly unaware within online privacy.


What: One of the most recent problems within social media platform is online witch-hunting, ID hacking, fake account, and etc… As these ages of group mostly facing the issues above, it is the society’s duty to protect and control the negative possibilities.


When/ Where: Here are the main issues that I am aiming to. These are the cautions when people make some mistakes on online privacy.


When people overshare their daily life:
1. Direct relation to privacy leakage

  1. Can create fake account
  2. Invasion of personal privacy


When people share content without permission:

1. Caution of Copyright, Ownership problems and plagiarism

  1. Misunderstanding on the freedom of expression


Why: There are notifications of terms & condition, suggestions and campaigns that suggest people to avoid from becoming a victim in online platforms. However, people tend to ignore and do not often try to solve out the online privacy problems. The aim is to prevent people from privacy issues. Furthermore, this is a suggestion to control people’s web social life and increase their awareness.


Five point Summary

  • Produce a Visualisation of Prevention (in other name Suggestion) process
  • Design a project or a campaign that help to establish people’s awareness in online activities
  • All the Social Media platform users, especially target audience age: from ‘teenagers’ to ‘young adult’
  • Educating influences of online privacy and importance of awareness to users
  • Suggestions of certain ways to prevent them-selves (user) from becoming a victim, being plagiarized, and open their data & privacy