POST 7: Issue mapping

by having the experience of mapping excise, we learned that there are a lot of aspect in our society relate to our environmental issue. In recent years, environment issues become more serious as speed development of region economic. It is an important measure of social development that protects the environment and maintains ecological balance. It is also the duty of every citizen. In the environmental science, it is stated that environment is the room around human and all kinds of natural factors that affects human life and development directly.

my research is based on the issue of Biodiversity,  these maps shows there are lots of group people is rally involved, such as government department , public organisation  even individual person. Good things is many people are pay attention to this environmental problem, they want to make some changes and already started. Human activities play a important role in our environmental issue. Biodiversity effects lots part of human society , such as industry and economy. For example, every species has linked each other in ecosystem, if one species number increased or decreased too much, this system will no longer balance, and human’s daily life will be effect as well, we all know what rabbits done after European bring them to Australia. In addition, biodiversity is the key point to keep human’s farming and breeding industry working well.

From the second map, we can understand human’s emotional reflection about environmental problem.They are all negative feelings, that means people feel bad about this and hope can fix this situation. But we need some actual activities, not only emotional feel bad. What I m thinking is we need let people understand more about how biodiversity effect our daily life including health, money and production. We need our media platform delivery importance and urgency about environmental problem we are facing to the public and tell people what can we do to make a change in our daily life. I think the key of solving this problem is people’s thinking, people should truly understand our nature environment is closely linked with our daily life.

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