Post 7: Issue mapping

img_1249In week 2 we have the opportunity to work in group of 4-5 people. We made different mind map around this issue including this stake holder mind map around this issue. This task helped us to get a general ideas about the issue and further develop our research on the following weeks. On week five we revise the map in a group of three, we expand more detailed map within each stakeholder to get more information out of it.

The tutorial task on week five we use the word we have developed on week 2 that is related to the issue to do the controversy mapping. In this task we have to discuss the stakeholder in “Polemic” and “Emotion”, it is an very interesting discussion and it helped us develop our understanding on different stakeholders.


After this map we extend it further, by grouping the words we have developed on week 2 into categories.img_1245.jpg

In conclusion, brain storming tasks helped us develop skill on brain storming, also increase our knowledge on our issue. Moreover, the task helped us build team play skills by sharing and comparing data we have collect to develop more solid points and ideas.