POST 6 Scraping the web for data


The result from the search above aims to explore the response towards privacy issues and sought recent action that is relate to Australian government’s action with the hashtag #auspol. 9c577eb2ae

Firstly I found that most of the messages are retweets (listed in red) from a popular twitter account which usually direct people to a external website. Those websites are most likely to be online news website about the issues regarding to data privacy. Most these account have the name like “Privacy Camp” and “Privacy Now!” suggesting that those account mainly retweet messages to spread the words for those who followed them. This search is another way of getting news about privacy issues in Australia.

Most of these tweet are representing negative attitude upon the current situation of where privacy level is sitting (at least that is what the audience is thinking). Words like spy, attack, invade, abuse, violation were used . None of the tweets are positive about the current sate of privacy but instead spoil more about bad incident happened.



  • Most tweets are made by accounts who are political and/or concern again privacy.
  • Based on the tweets, most response are negative towards the current state.
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