Post 6. Scraping The Web

After 10 years of documenting the world in 140 characters, Twitter now has more than 300m active users. This might be far fewer than Facebook’s 1.5 billion, but Twitter arguably has a disproportionate influence on the world, partly because it attracts a significant number of politicians, journalists, and celebrities. Our expert panel explain how their field has been changed by the little blue bird.

The Little Blue Bird That Changed the World. Now there’s a title. Twitter really does have an incredible influence on the formation of people’s opinions of people. 300million people tweet, re-tweet, share, link and repeat all day long because it’s easy, fun and to the point. I decided to use the Advanced Twitter Search tool to scrape data regarding mental health in Australia and whilst initially finding it difficult to retrieve data rich in substance and not just silliness, I found my results in some specific areas to be of great interest.




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