Issue mapping

By Clyde Overton


Here are a series of class exercises that consisted of a number of mapping exercises resolving around hosing affordability. The first of which consisted of listing the variables of human and non-human stakeholders under the housing affordability topic from a general Sydney perspective. This gave a strong visual understanding in who and what affects and effects the affordable housing sector. Moreover, as a group exercise it additionally brought more elements and attributes that I myself would not have thought of. Below is the map itself, categorised in several distinct headers, with respectable sub headers underneath.



Above is a selection of key words that everyone in the group thought was the more important in terms of housing affordability. This brought a solid mindset in what people prioritised and what people in general think is the more imperative. Below is further refined map of the original map at the very top. This map helped to not only further refine the attributes of the first, but to further show another layer of housing affordability, the aspects of a more human perspective. This includes the more emotional approach of the topic, rather than the usual figurative approach. This in turn assisted in me personally further refine my own definition and perspective of the housing affordability topic and how I can gather and organise future information.