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Natural vs Artificial

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Post 7: Mitchell Soames

With the rise of the fitness industry people have become more aware of their bodies physical appearance. Its only natural for people to long for qualities they don’t have and strive to acquire them anyway possible.

I have been doing a considerable amount of research into physical activity so I knew it wasn’t going to be long until I investigate performance and ways of enhancing ones capabilities.

My group was asked to conduct a collaborative ‘issue’ mapping exercise. We chose to take a look at natural vs artificial with so much controversy stemming from social media with opinions and shame circling around the issue.


In our first map we really looked into the nitty-gritty contributors such as Environment, Expectations, Substance, Profession, Emotions, Item objects, and Persons. We established the real reasoning (in most cases) that commonly people who use substances are athletes or bodybuilders usually influenced or feel compelled to use substances to enhance their performance due to the incredible amount of expectations from persons such as trainers, coaches, society and media.

We decided to narrow our scope and dig deeper, choosing steroids as our topic of interest as it is a well known illicit drug that finds it way into many elite level sports. We formed 6 categories which included; Issues and challenges, Capacities, Associates, Politics, Value alignments and Hierarchies. From this we could see that values alignments really outweigh most, things like increased motivation, self-esteem, dedication and seeing results are key factors that justify one’s self to use steroids.

14192028_1586948731600569_5136552330196248348_n.jpgSomething must be done to educate particularly vulnerable aged adolescents as puberty sets in and the body start’s changing so quickly, the stress of body image becomes quite overwhelming. I propose a system to aid the handling of this situation, using advertising campaigns that would identify something considered to be unhealthy so people could relate with that subject to better explain the side effects.

For example alcohol abuse may seem more dangerous to your health than steroids but in fact with the wrong dosage and/or use steroids can be deadly, exhausting your internal organs (similarly connected to excessive alcohol consumption) and can trigger things like liver failure and heart disease .

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