Post 7: Issue Mapping


As a big group (around ~15-20 people) all researching the area of housing affordability, we mapped out words related in any way to the issue. There were quite a lot of double ups, primarily words that are more common knowledge such as income earners and mortgage. When the words from everyone were compiled together, some interesting words surfaced that were the result of some out of the box thinking. This exercise was a great way to gather new keywords for myself for further research as well as understanding that my knowledge by itself was very limited and tunnel visioned. After organising the hundred or so words into alphabetical order for ease of access, we were asked a series of questions whereby we individually had to pick a word from the list we thought best answered the question. An example would be “which of these words did you find most surprising?”. It was insightful to see which words my peers picked and where their passions lie for this issue. Some were more passionate about the sustainability of the housing market as a whole while someone else was more concerned about their own ability to afford a home in terms of income and inflation.


In addition to this type of mapping, in pairs we also mapped out possible emotions centred around different areas related to housing affordability. We tried to put ourselves into the shoes of different social groups and outlined what emotions they would feel to something like negative gearing or living at home. For example, for negative gearing we would try think from the perspective of the renters, people trying to afford their first home and also people who are engaging in negative gearing as an investment.