Post 7 issue mapping

During the class group exercise, we had a chance to brainstorm and map the stakeholders with 3 other members who choose the same issue with me. For the issue mapping exercise, our group focused on the key word “Body Positive movement” and also had the age range of stakeholders in mind, which is from 18 years old to 25 years old. From the exercise, I found social media plays an important role in this issue and it has big impact on the young age stakeholders.


In week 4, we were asked to come up with words that relate to obesity and health as much as we can and also wrote down the antonyms on the back of each words. Then we narrowed them down to a few words that our peers feel would be interesting and substantial.


Also in our group each member votes their 5 favorite words to explore further. Mine is laziness, willpower, social pressure, Tess Hollidays and discrimination. Then it leaded us to the next challenge, which was to brainstorm around those words.