Post 7: Issue mapping

Since week 3, we did the map of the stakeholders and brainstorm about the issue climate change. During week 5, we developed the map of the stakeholders as pairs, also make it more detail than the team did in week 3. Meanwhile, we wrote a map of some problems we are facing based on our issue climate change and find out the emotion that people may have.

These are words we did in week 4 about the climate change and we also did the antonyms of them. Depend on that, we put them in order by alphabet, and each of us chooses one word, which we think can summary our issue. One interesting thing is, the words for summary are more about negative part and some problems we are facing in this world. In that time, as a sentence, the summary is more like climate change is debatable and urgent, it brings death, smoke and emission. For all over the world, conservation is an important part for this issue.

Climate Change with stakeholders by pair

In this map we did as pairs in the class, we put different stakeholders as human and non-human, depend on that, I found for the climate change, the stakeholders in these two different parts also can link together. For instance, the resources belong to non-human stakeholder and it includes water, solar, wind and fossil fuel. In human part, it also includes fossil fuel, which belong to countries.

In my mind, I think climate change is a really big topic and the stakeholders can link to the other different issue. For example, overpopulation is a big problem for climate change, it leads to the reducing of land and housing shortage, that may cause the increasing of refugee. Actually, everyone in this world is a stakeholder and we all have response to help the world remit the situation which because of the climate change.

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