Post 7: Issue mapping

In week 5 we were asked to explore the controversies in our chosen issue and to identify the human and non-human actors involved in our issue’s controversy.

new doc 2_1

The first map consists of listing all the polemics within our categorized stakeholders. This mapping exercise allowed us to unpack the controversies within our issue.

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The second task was the listing exercise, which allowed us to list all the controversies and describing the emotions and motivations behind them. This task helped us understand the effect and influence around the controversies. It further allowed us to understand the importance of intangible actors that contribute to this controversy.

new doc 1_1

In the third map we identified stakeholders (orange), emotion (green), motivation (blue) and controversy location (red) associated to our polemic, safe schools coalition program. This mapping exercise allowed us to see the connection between human and non-human actors and weather the actors was a mediator or an intermediary actor.

Through this exercise we were able to see the difference between participation and collaboration in group/pair work. I saw that the participation allowed us to understand the variety in our issue through one another’s contribution. The collaboration aided us to become more effective and encouraging towards our exercise through our capacity to negotiate the complexity of our controversy. It was obvious that the mapping exercise could not have been completed without each member’s full attention and commitment. During the exercise it was crucial to develop our critical consciousness in order to negotiate situations that become complex and dynamic.


By April Bae

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