Post 7: Issue Mapping

My LGBTIQ research group have done these mapping about our overall issue. We have discussed all stakeholders on the LGBTIQ issue and we have also discussed feeling and emotion toward it as well. Although we have different focus area on the issue, it is really good to see each person react and feel toward that issue.

One of the exercise that’s really interested me was brainstorming words on the issue. I think this exercise is very beneficial for future research and help everyone understand the issue better as well. Due to the fact that I am an international student, vocabulary is one of the issues that I am facing. Therefore, this exercise really helped me lot both vocabulary and also understanding the issue context better.

Creating maps are really beneficial to me and my groups. It helped broaden everyone opinion on the LGBTIQ issue, especially it helped solidify all those pieces together. It was great to see every perspective on every part of the issue. The best part of this exercise is gaining those opportunity to see and get the important language of the issue.

My issue that I am focusing on is marriage equality and I have had a bit of an issue of finding stakeholders on the issue. My groups were able to help find those little pieces for me and help me on how the issue affects another perspective as well.

By doing this issue mapping and as I now have understood the issue better, I have noticed that there are people of all around the world are aware of the issue and they also are part of the issue to help as well. It surprises me of how it changes my point of view of the issue as well. I think it is a really opportunity to see how to people started to be a part of the issue.


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