Blog Post 7: Issue mapping


In week 2-class exercise, our group created the first mind map which showed each group member our topic issue and explain the idea of our topic, then we created each issue mind map together. After that, we stated to create the second mind map showing connection between of stakeholder, we divided them into human and non-human. Looking back these basic mind maps, they really show to me a wealth of information and also compare with another mind maps, there is much new information has been added.





After this practice, we were keeping creating the new way of mind map in week 4 class, called “word associations”. We Around the same topic ‘ obesity and healthy living’ to write our own key words which associated with the first time, each of us need to write down about 25 words, and we collect them together then from this step I have learn so many new points for my issue topic. In addition, we write about 80 words, and then we worked around to pick up five words that really help our own topic. I have chosen discrimination, profit, unbalanced, nutrition and life style as my key words. Then we also Analysis of the words that people choose, we pick out them, and found that, from people who have obesity, they usually have An unhealthy lifestyle, Junk food is a cause for obesity and also Obesity can lead to larger discrimination.





In week 5-class practice, we focus on a case about different groups and honed in different select stakeholder and also involve specific groups, organisation and the concept of each field, which can relate to the stakeholder that we list them before. From the first mind map was the foundation of map, we wrote down the four key words, which are places, emotion, behaviour and object. From these map, we could really focused on the specific issues within our different obesity issues and I have learned how can obesity affect people’ emotion, and it May stimulate different emotions, these problems usually occurred in which different areas.




Then the second mind map which called polemic map, firstly, we written down Controversial subject from our topic issue, there were four topic, which were sugar tax revenue, obesity personal responsibility, disgusted or supportive and children obesity who responsible. Then we picked up one issue and mapped it with different perspectives of stakeholders, and also we found out different emotions and motivations. From these map before, We did not see and discuss controversial opposite of each side, after this exercise, we had interesting dissect and also find out there are so many different ideas and issues With different fields. Moreover, we also find out the stakeholders have tensions and conflict with each other.





At the last step, we have created the mind map called “Controversy Actors” which surround different issues, associates, different values, politic and capacities. From this mind map, I got more information to help me In-depth understanding and analysis problems of my topic.




It was really useful and clear practice that helps our group to Analysis and anatomy different problems what we have from obesity. I have to get more inspiration and ideas’ from my group members. We help each other’s problems, given different views and analysis. This map also can visually map different issues of obesity and the connections of different stakeholders and perspectives also make us understand how can the effects of obesity on different field or group.


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