Blog Post 7:

During class we spent some time collaborating with other students studying the same topic as us. We created issue map, which were a combination of all the topics, influencers, issues and solutions that everyone had come up with to date. This allowed us to explore a much larger plane of information compared to that of which we had individually gathered. this wider spectrum of information will help us create a solution to our specific problem whilst also helping solve the other issues surrounding the topic that others have found.

The best thing that came out of the group mapping exercise was perspective. The conversations that I had with other students whilst mapping gave me the views of my peers on my topic, which does not necessarily have a right or wrong answer. The battle between online anonymity and privacy has many good arguments for both sides but it was interesting to hear the opinion of others as most people are uneducated on the topic but my fellow students have been researching similar topics and have come across the topic that I am focusing on and they all had some sort of opinion.

This conversation narrowed down some possible solutions for my issue. From what I now understand, there are two ways to go about it. One is to change the human influencers and the other is changing the computer interfaces that control the possible forms of communication that the human influencers can engage in. possible ways to improve the relations between the human influencers are campaigns to change the way that people treat others online or bringing in legislation to punish those that are involved with online bullying and predation. A way to solve the issue from a computer perspective is to create a form of universal identity online that is linked to a person more than they currently are to force accountability but this then removes the possibility for freedom of speech and the right form of anonymity on the internet.

Jack Sinclair

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