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Ngoc Tram Nguyen


This is an extension session of the maps that we did in the earlier week.

Working with my group, we listed out issues that affect the current Mental health status. It can be seen that mental illness such as depression has a lot to do with being isolated and alienated. Therefore, our group members agreed with the possible direction that I proposed for my design, which is, somehow close that gap of geographical isolation.

Looking at the organizations and people who can contribute to this issue,  it can be said that, there are three main group: the sufferers, the doctors helpers, and funding organizations. Children and youth seem to be the most vulnerable groups and have high chances to suffer mental instability. Funding is also a big issue with the current health treatment facility in general and especially mental health care service. The involvement of social media and digital channel are also listed and one of the contributions on how to spread out the affection of future campaign in this field. Factors such as isolation, loneliness, unemployment can have direct relationship with the rising rate of mental health issue among remote area community.

Combine with the stakeholder map created in the previous week; more details provided with explanation and relationships between different factors that contribute to the issue. For my service design, from the reflection on group mapping above, the factors of young people, funding body and the involvement of a digital platform should be further explored and considered.

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