Blog 7 – Group Mapping


In class we began by generating a list of 100 words related to the topic of online privacy and data surveillance, and then proceeded to divide the parties involved in the subject into 5 key groups:

  • Businesses
  • Developers
  • Personal Users
  • Governments
  • Hackers

We then tried to apply the list of words to each group, and began to notice that several words correlated with a number of groups. Hackers and developers somewhat obviously had a lot in common, given that they both are involved with the back-end of the technology used in big data (eg. coding, software, etc.) What came as more of a surprise was how businesses and the user both related to some of the same terms (eg. cloud, terms & conditions) and a reason for this may be because of a deeper relationship between the user and the businesses they interact with than what is on the surface.


Upon offering our wordbank to the rest of the class, many of whom are not as academically engaged with the topic of online privacy and data surveillance, we gathered some key information about which terms related to the most people. Many of the words that were most associated with topic had negative connotations, such as dark web, silk road, and identity theft. This is compatible with some of my existing research, referring to how young people have a pre-existing aversion to the concept of big data when it’s presented to them directly.

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