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Blog 7 issues Mapping


This blog will demonstrate the idea of using mapping method to list out the relative elements and details of issues. By developing the mapping, our group have a better understanding of the deeper meaning and important issues of what we focusing on.


At the beginning, we list out the relative basic information of refugee and asylum seekers in the international world. Our group focus on five main parts: government, society, welfare, refugee right and environment.



From those five main element, we list out the good and bad influences of refugee coming to a new help seeking place. We find out that our Australian society only can accept a small amount of refugee according to our society system. Basing on the short of welfare requires, our government need to use more and more money which is taken from our taxer to settle down the refugee which may cause the religion inflict. That is the most important potential issues right now.


During the weeks later, we did lots of research and we added more details and potential issues to the mapping. We found out that, even our society is overloaded at this situation, the international institution still requires us to take and accept more and more refugees under the international law. When we realize there are more terrorists showing up the world and attack the western countries, we have to think about the situation right now.

Then in our group we decide to discuss our fundamental aim about the issues mapping method, we can find out more and more potential issues from the mapping which would be able to help us to figures out the details and the elements we don’t know yet.


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