Blog 7

Collaborating ideas on our collective issue of mental health was a very insightful process that lead to many discussions on mental health in Australia and the ways in which we are affected by it. Each student had a different focus within the mental health sphere, and this brought unique and  compelling elements to the group discussions and the direction in which the mapping went. We started with broader topics and categories and then became slight more specific. We tried to keep the map in a direction that interested all of us, and therefore we were all involved in the many conversations, debates and discussions. This process was eye opening and I enjoyed learning about all the students’ specific topics within mental health and the direction in which their research was going. We all assisted one another with resources that we had come across throughout our own individual research processes and we all welcomed the information and feedback that everyone was able to offer. Mental health as a topic can seem quite daunting, but with several people I feel like we were able to tackle the mapping exercises with a positive attitude and an open mind. For action to create change, there is a continuous need for mental health resources that are affordable, connect people to one another and are accessible no matter of age and location. Phone applications seem like the easiest method of connecting people with an affordable device that is accessible on computers too. There should be a community of people where it is monitored so that trolling is limited. Updates are necessary and information on other ways to get help should be available too. Such as Therapists or Psychologists in surrounded areas, support groups or GPs in surrounding areas. 

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