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Week 6 Blog

instagram future


instagram, as the most popular phone apps in the world, has been created to help people update their daily moment with picture and video. It posts to their personal page and public to the worldwide. The user can set their photo to private or the certain people who the user would like to be seen. Like facebook, if other user like the photo or video you post, they can like and comment below the photo or video.


Instagram, in nowadays has over 250 millions active user everyday, and as a platform, instagram allows people to advertise the product and places which will interest people. Lots of online celebrities focus on instagram to help themselves and company to promote their products and places. By using the different filter to taking photo or video, people will see the best side of it and consider to buy it and follow it.


How user growth really works

From the graph, we can notice that the Instagram user is growing shapely since 1/7/2014, which is a success from taking the user from Twitter. On the other hand, by comparing to the Hipstamatic, which is providing the same serve to the user. Since the Instagram was improving their software and function every day, also by taking the user and company advertising from Twitter. Enough fund running and better inner design for the user experiment, it gets Instagram make a leap to the top 3 daily cellphone app in the world.


From above shown screenshot, simple operation page, clear bottom function and easy classification make the Instagram more and more user to enjoy the moment of sharing photo and video. At current, people love simple operation function at app, which means clear and simple design for the pages and function would leads a huge success of app. Like any other app, they are now trying to get their app more and more simple-function and easy hand controlling. No-one would love to spend more time to find out what function you have in the app now.



Different filter available for user would be another good important element for Instagram. They catch the most effective element which is “everyone can take a professional photo”. Without the expensive equipment of photograph, easy process to produce a good and fantastic photo is a dream for everyone. Choices for user to save the time and public platform for them to share the photo, getting like and comment or getting a new friend are now app main function.