Mapping 1: Actors

In class, we revisited the mapping of human and non human stakeholders from week 3 in our groups which was an opportunity for us to further expand our knowledge and discover new actors of our issue that hasn’t crossed our mind yet. Differently from week 3, we explored the actors in much more depth and we began by creating 4 major actors; humans, habits, networks and medical. From there, we started branching out the specific actors that were relevant to the main actors. For example, Social media that was branched out of networks was further broken down into naming specific media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Tumblr.


Mapping 2: Controversies

We continued to work in groups through the second mapping exercise which outlined the controversies from the actors mapping exercise. The controversies we have discovered were the following:

  • plus size models VS skinny models
  • fast food industries VS health experts
  • time VS reality
  • will VS need of help

Listing the controversies were helpful in the way that it allowed us to look into both sides of the debate and gave insights into new areas. Out of these controversies, we decided to play around the debate of plus size models VS skinny models. This debate evolved around the issue of increase in plus size models. If we promoted plus size models, it is considered equivalent to promoting obesity, but if we only promote skinny models, it is considered discriminating towards plus sized people. From this, we discovered that todays society sets the new standard of “normality”. The more something becomes common, the more “normal” it gets. Therefore, those who agree to promoting plus size models have shifted minds and accepted the ‘new’ normal, whereas, those who don’t agree in promoting plus size models have unchanged from what they believe as the ‘real’ normal.

Through co creating maps, we were able to broaden and gain deeper understanding of the complex and broad issue, also covering further knowledge on our area of focus. As a group, we helped each other fill in the knowledge gaps by sharing thoughts and ideas on the same piece of paper and discussing the issue closely as a group.

In my design proposition,  I would like to work towards creating educational services, and motivational programs. Through research, I have found that many people are ignorant about the health risks caused by obesity, so I feel that creating more awareness about healthy living is very important. Also would like to work with generating a service design to help people be motivated to take action and live a healthier life.