Post6 : Scraping the web for data

Under the rapid growth of technology, people are connected by the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instargram and twitter. These social media platform provided a place for user to interact ,also sharing information and receive information online. This post is exploring on research/ findings from twitter and obtained from using a web scraper.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.47.27 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.55.59 PM

With the twitter archive search, i’ve found that a lot of information are published by companies and organisation, such as Google health news, which I think it’s a clever ways to promote message on social media and effective ways for organisation to increase people awareness on mental health issue. Moreover, there are a lot of people’s retweets on the list and it gets me a bit confused and appearing the retweets from the same original post. However, through Twitter archive it shows clearly were are these data from, numbers of retweet and location as well. It helps me a lot on collecting data and identify them as an trusted post or not.

To research and understand more with my issue, I’ve looked at some of the relevant post and I summarised 5 key points.

1) People used Twitter to express their feelings

Twitter is place for people to express themselves,when I look up some keywords on twitter, such as #sad, #mood, #depression and #happy, I found that many people like to post and share something about their mood on that day. Twitter is a place for them to share their feelings online as well. Moreover, I’ve read most of the post with these tags, I found that the findings are all personal feelings and more subjective. The findings and message may not as convincing as the research from academic article or news but I can found many personal views and different perspectives on twitter.


2) people shares and follow positive thoughts

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I’ve seen many accounts on twitter are sharing quote, which is some positive thoughts and these accounts have been very popular, such as #good quote for everyday, #Great mind quote and #the good quote. These post are published in well design with inspiring images, it’s effectively engage people and got lots of repost.

3) Organization/ government provided prevention tips

Moreover, when I looked up at #mentalhealt, #suicial and #depression, the result comes up with many prevention and case study. Except of good thoughts, some organisation also setup account and sharing prevention and professional advice on twitter. Nowadays, social media is connected with our daily life, to promote message on social media is a clever and effective ways for organisation to increase people awareness on mental health issue.


4) some negative thoughts


It is surprising that when I look up to the keywords #Depression on twitter , It pops up a page call ‘Depressing Thoughts’, which is a page keep posting some negative thoughts and they have nearly 13K followers. This is surprising that why people want to receive negative messages?

5) I have researched on the statics of cyberbullying issue and I found that the most common medium for Cyberbullying is mobile phone (80%), Facebook (60%), Twitter(29%) and 21% from email. Moreover, there are some kind of cyberbullying are the common one, such as mean comment online, posting hurtful picture, Rumors online and pretend to be me online.