Post 6: Scrapping data

Written by Song-Yi Im

This stage of the research, scrapping data, progressed by extracting data from social media platform and analysing raw information to obtains social perspectives on chosen topic. The method of scrapping data was google sheet that brings up all the related mentions from Twitter, once you insert the specific keywords on search tool.

(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent

The first attempt with three keywords, obesity, children, and parent  failed to get large quantity of information as it narrowed the rule too much. It only scrapped lesser than 20 mentions. To get satisfied amount of data to analyse but within issue, second attempt went with the words, children obesity which came up search result around 2000 twits.

Contents of perspectives on children obesity

(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent
(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent
(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent
(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent

-Majority of the comments based on scientistic research that shows statistic about children obesity in current status. The numbers present circumstances that overweight children has been increased problematically and identifies determinants encouraging paediatric obesity. The most of causes are related to their life habits, physical and diet activities which are same information I’ve collected through blog posting exercises. This kind of comments are likely to come from news or article headline and provides factual information to alert and raise public awareness how this epidemic is serious.


(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent

These examples are found by browsing words, ‘prevent’ and ‘solution’ on the sheet.

-For prevention of the problem, some comments suggest and introduce practical strategies targeting at public to individuals rather than warning the consequence of the obesity with study result. The methods inevitably interfere people’s lifestyle and guide to make healthier choice since obesity is soluble disease by managing their life habit. Therefore, the prevention tool for individuals tend to give list of what-to -do and not-to-do for educating proper behaviour which is crucially demands parents’s instruction. While it tries to change the life routine by literally educating parents, the public strategy directly shapes people’s behaviour by creation of suitable environment or legal regulation. The national level of solution would be more effective to reduce over weighting on wide range of people but it doubt that it could targeting certain obese patient in depth.


-The interesting thing is that opinion base comments hardly existed. There are certainly more personal thoughts about child obesity but the found comments was very few relatively out of 2000 responses on the data sheet (exclusive of ID that represent public oragnisations or councils). The two of twits are just insulting appearance of obese children and others use ‘children obesity’ in political context for supporting politician, who contribute or have pledge for children obesity. One opinion (the picture above) reveals concern of effect of electronic board on child overweight and encourage parent to be responsible on their children’s physical activities.


(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent
(Google search rule) Keywords : Children, Obesity, Parent

To obtain much specific data related to my topic, relationship between parent and children obesity, I utilised find tool to browse social responses, which mention the word, ‘parent’. Most of comments emphasise parent’s duty for body management of their child and treat their responsibility as a main key to solve the problem. Majority of twits deliver fragmentary knowledge as an tip to prevent obese child for parent and some promote weekend programs that educate children how to make healthy choice through both child and parent physical participation. Even though I narrowed down the search rule from ‘child obesity’ to ‘parent and child obesity’, the range of its solutions are similar as the domestic guidance is essential to shape child’s behaviour.




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