Post 7: Mapping is a Collaborative Device

By: Jannie Mach

The results of using mapping as a tool in a collaborative space are quite engaging and insightful. To learn from others and familiarise with the same context in which, you get to experience, acknowledge and understand new meanings or findings. Taking it a step further, with the issue in our minds and scribbling down into a massive paper- my knowledge on Asylum Seekers and Refugees has been up a notched. More considerations on mapping the stakeholders to trace the associations like the specifics of humans, groups, and organisation that falls on the explanation of non-human and human actors. Also identifying the controversies, debate or disagreements in relation to the issue and corresponding to the emotions.

14203486_1140889915970540_1641741241_o copy
A map of stakeholders in Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

In areas of these maps, it seeks a new passage and opens up opportunities to develop an approach to the issue. And above all, a chance to see a break-down of the issue that helps me acquire a broad sense of different concepts or views of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

The idea of pinpointing two different factors against each other definitely shows the distinction but noticing on what’s the problem and adding the emotions made me realised something on ‘let me stay’ versus ‘stop the boat,’ it’s a powerful statement and I thought I could use similar connotations like:

  • Mental Health in Asylum Seekers and Refugees versus The Government
  • Mental Health in Asylum Seekers and Refugees versus The Professionals
  • Mental Health in Asylum Seekers versus Finance

In those major categories, I need to branch my concepts and digest more of the facts in medical practice towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia such as the legal and obligations.

A list of polemics with emotions attached to them.

Moreover, the use of language in these maps that I gained from collaborating like ‘left-wing journalism’ versus ‘right-wing journalism.’ I actually didn’t understand the meaning but it’s implying ‘for’ and ‘against.’ Including the people, that involves the issue such as Peter Dutton played a major role in the media and the act towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

To create change is big, Mental Health in Asylum Seekers and Refugees is a sensitive matter- an approach to stop this is… no detention centres? I have no clue. In hope and time, I would like to find a solution.

Notes: Although, I’m not a psychologist- maybe a design sort of like a guideline/program that can help Asylum Seekers and Refugees in a better medical practice environment that shares the same space with other professionals. Or a platform that comforts and soothes their mind, body and soul.


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