POST 7: Issue Mapping on Housing Affordability



14087510_10202017150066526_1015033918_o.jpgThe exercise where we collated together a list of words associated with the housing topic and then noted down their opposite meanings was a task that generated an extensive vocabulary which would be useful for conducting further research. Additionally, the categorisation of them into the three themes of disruptive, emotive and factual reshaped the perception of the words initially and when contributing to the issue summary mind map, seeing what others considered as the most important aspects of the issue, broadened my scope into areas that I would potentially explore more.

The exercise where we identified the polemics – contentious issues –  and the emotions associated with it, was an engaging task that helped me to gain a better understanding of these issues through an emotional perspective, one I have not considered much before. Further identifying the stakeholders involved with these issues also added context to the those affected and allowed for links to be drawn between the different emotions experienced by different stakeholders within the same topic. As most of the research conducted prior on these polemics were from articles and images, a mainly factual interpretation was drawn out, as opposed to considering the emotional aspects that add as much scope as the statistics.

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