POST 7: Issue mapping

In week3, we listed a number of stakeholders those can be relevant with our issue in map exercise, we studied the influences of teenagers’ mental health about these stakeholders. From these, we can the parents, teachers have the greatest impact on teenagers’ mental activities. Thus, I got a conclusion that I my design proposal can start to think about parents and teachers.


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In week4, we do some different types of map exercises, this week, we listed many words those we think can be related with mental health. First of all, each of us listed a series of words by ourselves, then we share them with each other, when we put all words together, we can see that each of us have a different understanding of mental health, they come from different aspects, it can be seen that for each different teenager, the things would impact on their mental activities are different, the treatment ways those can be accepted are also not same. Through our discussions, we selected some words those are closely linked teenagers’ mental health, analyzed and classified them in the exercises. In my opinion, emotions, educate, support , encouragement, self-reflecting are my choice  for teenagers’ mental health, they need to have a self-reflection about their mental health, but they also need some related educations about mental health, they need a support, encouragement and understanding from parents and teachers. For these several words, I did an extended development from my research direction. Actually, I think I didn’t get a lot of new ideas from this exercises, but I am sure about my research direction now, about teenagers’ mental health, I decided to focus on parents and teachers, they are the best helper for teenagers’ mental health.


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In week5, we selected some specific aspects of mental health and do an analysis on them. In mental health, the government and doctors are the most important stakeholders. in week3, we also have some analysis of them, but this week, the analysis is more extensive and detailed. In addition, we discuss about the mental health aspects, people always ashamed for this disease, which in this respect there is always lot of debates and we have a detailed analysis on the reasons of these arguments.

In this week, we do some analysis those are same with week 3, but I still think I got some new ideas. Before this exercises, I always focus on teachers and parents’ influence on teenagers and I don’t have a consider on psychiatrist, now I think the professional problems need some professional doctors to solve it, maybe a psychiatrist is necessary for each school. In addition, in the previous studies, I always emphasize teenagers don’t want to communicate with teachers and parents because they don’t know each other, but I didn’t think about their misunderstanding of themselves, they think it is shameful. It will be another issue that I can consider. i can’t just solve the communication problems between parents, teachers and students, teenagers’ mental health problem should be found as soon as possible, but we also need to consider the protection and security in mental health treatments and teenagers’ views on this issue.

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