Post 7: Issue mapping

Over the last few weeks, we have produced a lot of different maps on the same issue with a group of people. With my group this week, we weren’t as productive as other groups, but we came up with a map of different stakeholders and their relationship with each other. The stakeholders we came up was from our researches on the issue and we were happy that we came up with this amount as we weren’t very productive.

This mind map exercise somehow relates my issue as I’m exploring around women and children refugees being sexually bused in camps. The stakeholders we came up with together showed their relationship to my issue and how they can help these poor refugees in different way but they are not helping. I think the media either public or private have a very big impact on this issue as they don’t speak the truth sometimes, and they make up facts about camps but sometimes they tell the truth which makes them not truth worthy. Organisations such as human right watch should go into the detention centre and educate women and children on how to protect themselves from being sexually assaulted. And the government should process the applications faster to reduce women and children’s rate on sexually abused.

I think creating a mind map together really helps with coming up ideas for individuals, as if I generated a map by my self, I would just sit there and do nothing coz I don’t know what to write down. But with a group of people, we can make things happen more effective and faster as we get ideas from different research which generate ideas for everyone in the group. post 7.jpg

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