Post 7: Issue Mapping

It is interesting to see how the tables have turned. I was not present for class for the first session of brain storming and issue mapping, and this time around last week I was present and had merged with two other groups to produce our mind maps. The issue with this was that we were all unfamiliar with the field in which we were researching Mental Health. Being in a new group was enlightening, as I learnt from their research as well and their process.


Map 1: Actors around Government

We looked at the immediate actors and influencers in the “Government” theme. Though we were focused on the government, there are many actors who are only merely funded by the government and their credibility and influence is dependent by how involved the Government is. Many resources come from Charities and NGO’s, and an interesting idea was that some areas have a lack of funding


Map 2: Controversy & Debate

This map was listing and creating themes of the various controversies that surround Mental Health. We listed ideas that had opposites as well as flesh out the reasonings behind one controversy could lead to another controversy.



Map 3: Controversy – Stigma

For the next map we focused heavily on the reasoning behind Stigma. This was a good theme to focus on as it related to all our research. We were able to narrow the relationships that had the existence of stigma, we also narrowed on the ideas and the possibilities for its existence. We branched out how in same areas they are glamourised or romanticised but completely forbidden in a corporate setting.


Map 4: Actor & Questions – Doctor

We chose to analyse the Doctor as an actor of Mental Health. They are seen as a reliable and credible source for the issue, however as we answered more questions to create a map for it became multifaceted. A doctor has a heavily clinical expression of Mental Health and yet has the most influence. There are many politics behind their opinion as well as they are still human and can have fault of negligence.



I found the revisiting of mapping an interesting one. Though it initially would have been quite repetitive, I had been taken in with a new group. We had different ideas, and due to having different themes within Mental Health we had a lot of research backing each other. The task past swiftly and we each demonstrated a strong understanding of the layers around Mental Health. I also learnt from sharing what approach I was having, that my peers did not understand eHealth or were quite unaware of it which will continue to be interesting for myself.


Author: Danyen Rosa Nguyen

Visual Communication Student at University of Technology, Sydney

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