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Group mapping: Mapping the controversy topics

Mapping the actors in controversy
Mapping the actors in controversy>Click to see pdf version: Mapping the actors in controversy

Controversy mapping
Who’s to blame for obesity? Personal responsibility or Others’ responsibility?

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Our group member issue topic covers: sugar and obesity, children and obesity, the obesity epidemic in American. There are some controversy topics listed in the photo which related to our issue topics . And we chose the one ‘obesity: personal responsibility or social problem’ and mapped the stakeholders’ positions.
In terms of the actor mapping, we chose ‘food companies’ as the actor and started working on the mapping. We all contributed a lot of ideas while doing the mapping. Even though we work in different issue areas, some information and knowledge are crossover and related to each other, thus the group mapping section was running smooth and effective. As we all focus on different areas around the obesity issue, I also benefit a lot from getting different perspectives and knowledge from other group members.

Actor mappingActor map

After the feedback from our tutor, we are suggested to keep working on the actor mapping, and try focus on a more specific area such as choosing a company as an actor.
I chose Coca-Cola company to work with because my issue topic is sugar and obesity, thus a beverage company/ sugary drinks company might be more suitable for my further research.

Actions to create change:
A balance between Personal responsibility and Food companies

There is no double that supermarket giants and fast food chains have contributed to the obesity epidemic by making unhealthy food easily available. The food industry is simply providing consumers what they want; they supplying delicious pizza and sweet chocolate bar that people want, but these products are in high sugar and fat content which is so bad for their health. At that point, the food industry has ignored their responsibility to the health of the consumer.
On the other hand, a lack of individual’s personal responsibility to eat healthily and keep exercise also contributed to the obesity epidemic. The food labeling and education about healthy diet and lifestyle do improve over the years even though there are still a lot to improve and modify. However, all education and guidances in the world won’t keep individuals from getting fat if they choose to live on a poor diet and not getting exercises. People should not just sit there with a handful of chips, expecting others monitoring their food intake.
Above all, not only the food industry has to take more responsibilities to the health of the consumer rather than just concentrated on profits, people should take responsibility for their own health. Controlling the obesity epidemic needs efforts from both sides.

Feature image: Katz D. L 2014, Choices, Cheese, and Sherpas – or- The Role of Personal Responsibility in Health and Weight Control, Linkedin, viewed 3 September 2016, <;.

by Aiyi Wu

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