POST 6 Scraping the web for data

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Facebook is one of the globalized social networking services. It provides users to save the contents, sharing it and observe such other user’s activities. Users are able to leave comments, exchange messages through and all the data of use will be collected and able to see whenever the user wants. To support my research through this task, I will be focusing on the people’s behavior on facebook, and responsibility & right on facebook.


Character of the Community
(Tone of conversation)

For this step, I have searched Facebook to get more insight into my research. Mainly Facebook is opened for everyone. Originally, users are able to sharing & observing contents (daily life, photo, and other’s post or anything accessible) or communicating with others. To find the relation to my topic, finding people’s such behaviors through Facebook was a key point to observe. First is the behavior of groups in Facebook. Recently, Facebook users are tend to show some kind of mob mentality. Obviously, people can see other’s comments and it sometimes create mass crowd influence to people. Moreover, this lead people to witch-hunt or massive argument.


(My mind-map about Facebook)
Black = How facebook supposed to be used 
Red = Recent behavior


Issue and  Data Scarping Process

Another issue is about the recent Facebook sharing behaviors. The recent purposes of using Facebook have been corrupted and uncountable sharing of illegal contents has rapidly increased. Like the two images bellow, people started sharing illegal links, fake information, or advertising further illegal contents through unidentified account. This was started when people started buy and sell the Facebook account or a page. As more likes and attentions they receives, the price of account rise up. Since that, people started sharing more aggressive and provocative contents.

Examples & Outcomes


(example 1 of illegal sharing: Movie Link from Facebook)


(example 2 of illegal sharing: Movie Link from Facebook)

sharing debates.png


(Data Scarping Process)

This Twitter Archiver showing all the tweets about oversharing, illegal sharing and its terms & condition in worldwide. I typed ‘Privacy’ and ‘Sharing’ as my first key words yet, the outcomes I received were not relevant to my issue. Hence, I retyped ‘illegal’ and ‘sharing’ as the second research. Most that I found from Data Scarping process was about notifying the terms and condition of sharing in both Facebook and Twitter. The interesting point was some people already aware in such risk of copyright issues. However, as the control of ownership and its protection is unstable, people do not seriously take the responsibility in sharing contents. Some people say our awareness is important in online privacy. Based on my observation, such copyright issues from sharing could be from individual’s indifference rather than our awareness.


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